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01. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart of 2006-02-11, Zac Efron had five simultaneous song credits. The songs were “Get’cha Head In The Game,” 3 duets with Vanessa Anne Hudgens (“Breaking Free,” “Start Of Something New,” and “What I’ve Been Looking For”) and “We’re All In This Together” credited to the “High School Musical” cast. All tracks were from the soundtrack of “High School Musical.”

02. The Zac Efron-Vanessa Anne Hudgens duet “Breaking Free” (from “High School Musical”) made the fastest climb in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, leaping from 86 to 4 in one week (2006-02-11).

03. With the popularity of “High School Musical”, Zac had to change his phone number after getting numerous calls from fans.

04. Zac Efron’s most prized possession is his autographed baseball collection.

05. Zac Efron is a huge San Francisco Giants fan.

06. Zac Efron met his former girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens on the set of “High School Musical.”

07. Zac Efron donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

08. Zac attended the World Cup in Germany with Corbin Bleu.

09. The first concert Zac ever went to was a Wallflowers concert.

10. Zac Efron has one sibling, younger brother, Dylan.

11. Simon Cowell offered Zac a record deal but he turned it down saying, “…acting is my main priority.”

12. Zac Efron was named #93 on Empire Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (2007).

13. Zac Efron had his appendix removed (January 2008).

14. Zac’s favorite movie is “Goonies” (1985).

15. Zac Efron was ranked #24 on interview magazines Hollywood faces to watch “Future Stars of Tomorrow.”

16. Zac was ranked #2 on TV Guide Top 10 Teen Star Countdown (2008).

17. Zac Efron’s acting idol is Johnny Depp.

18. Zac Efron is a fan of “Flight of the Conchords.”

19. Zac is a fan of comic books and manga, including “Death Note,” “Bleach,” “Naruto,” “Dragonball Z,” and “Shonen Jump.”

20. Zac Efron was recognized by Time Magazine in the 2009 Time 100 as one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

21. Zac Efron originally auditioned for the role of “Peter Pan” in the 2003 live action movie, but Jeremy Sumpter got it, instead.

22. Zac does not and will not use any social network (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) saying he doesn’t have time and that he also values keeping some of his life private.

23. Zac Efron’s singing voice in the first “High School Musical” (2006) was actually that of singer/songwriter/actor Drew Seeley.

24. Zac Efron is good friends with his idol, Leonardo DiCaprio.

25. Zac worn a white shirt with red sleeves in all three “High School Musical” movies.

26. Zac’s favorite musicians are The Postal Service, The Shins, The Gorillaz and John Mayer.

27. Zac Efron briefly vacationed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Vanessa Hudgens.

28. Zac was coached by actor Aaron Michael Metchik and his mother, Robyn Metchik.

29. Zac Efron graduated Arroyo Grande High School with actors Bryce Blue and JR Garcia.

30. Zac’s favorite actors are Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Black.

31. Zac Efron learned how to ride a motorcycle after a chance party meeting with bike enthusiast Tom Cruise who offered to act as Efron’s coach.

32. Zac Efron is friends with actors Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Bryce Blue, JR Garcia, and Aaron Michael Metchik.